Are your Lashes Feeling Degraded?

Eye lashes are something without which your whole face looks weirdly odd. They define a lot of characters on your face including its feminism, sexiness, and attractiveness. A lot of people desires nice long and dense eye lashes so they opt for fake ones, but who uses them casually they are mean to be used … Continue reading Are your Lashes Feeling Degraded?

The Quickest Hairstyling Routine

Hairs can be a hot mess if not styled well. And trust me more than 40% of your looks are depended upon them. So don't skip caring about them. Keeping them healthy is really important click here to learn more about that. No one has enough time even if they spend the whole day in … Continue reading The Quickest Hairstyling Routine

Be Ready For Red Carpet

Know one knows when they are gonna be on red carpet, it's rare but quite possible. And you don't wanna be there unprepared, so today let's talk about 'How to dress up for Red Carpet'. Red carpet can be really hard to be on I mean all the cameras pointing towards you, capturing every moment. … Continue reading Be Ready For Red Carpet

Get Rid of Blackheads In Less Than 10 minutes.

Blackheads are really annoying and unpleasant to handle especially when they group on a particular spot. Getting rid of them can be really difficult like really really. And some of the times they are straight up annoying. If you want to get rid of them you can, easily but only if you correctly know how … Continue reading Get Rid of Blackheads In Less Than 10 minutes.

Excess Face Oil? Say Goodbye! (#2 fun with lemons)

Lemon is one of the most citrus fruit, even one drop of it's extract is really sour and hard to put on tongue. In a blog post I put several days ago I taught you how to turn your hair blonde with lemon,if you haven't checked that click here. Not only it can turn your … Continue reading Excess Face Oil? Say Goodbye! (#2 fun with lemons)